Three Simple But Tasty Make-Ahead Lunches

Since we’ve been on our meal-delivery kit kick, I’ve been relieved of having to do my normal meal planning for dinner times, but that has come with one small flaw: we usually use our dinner leftovers for weekday lunches, but with meal delivery kits there aren’t any leftovers.

So, after a couple weeks of sandwiches, I decided it was time to get a bit more creative. I also wanted lunch recipes I could make-ahead, and get ready on Sunday for the week to come. Here’s what I came up with, all of which exceeded expectations!


Poppyseed Chicken & Spinach Wraps

These were delicious and pretty simple. I marinated chicken tenders in poppyseed salad dressing for a few hours, then grilled them over a skillet. At the same time, I cooked some bacon on a rack for weekend breakfast, and set aside a few extra strips for use in the wraps. Once everything had cooled, I stacked goat cheese, craisins, chicken, bacon, and a large handful of fresh spinach in a store-bought wrap and rolled it up like a burrito. Pro-tip: the wraps will roll easier if you microwave them for 10-15 seconds first! I packaged them up with a little extra dressing, and these were fantastic.


Charcuterie Bento Box

This one was even easier, and for the first time perhaps in the history of the universe, the hubby was actually EXCITED to eat his packed lunch. Using an existing bento-style lunch box, I filled one compartment with crackers, one with cheeses and a spreader, one with sliced cured meats, and one with dried fruit, almonds, and couple Hershey Kisses. All that’s missing is a nice glass of wine…


Smoked Salmon and Hard-Boiled Egg Toasts

Finally, my personal favorite: we had a couple end pieces of Sourdough bread left over from last week’s sandwich-madness, so I threw them in the toaster and spread mayonnaise, black pepper, and a generous sprinkling of dill on top. Then, I covered it with smoked salmon, a sliced hard-boiled egg, some capers and diced chives. Delicious!

What’s in your lunch today? Share with us in the comments. 


Author: Mrs. Millennial

I'm Whitney, writer of Mrs. Millennial. While I've got an advanced degree and a job in the tech industry, I'm usually happiest in my kitchen, garden, and home, or else on a crazy travel adventure. I hope you enjoy my recipes, home improvement tips, travel stories, musings, and more. You can also see what I'm up to in my professional life at Need to reach me? Shoot an email to whitney (dot) magnuson (at) gmail (dot) com.

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