YouTube Workouts for Former Bunheads

Up until I was 16, I did ballet.  A LOT of ballet.  Like, 4x a week classes of ballet. Nevermind that I was too tall, and my feet and turnout were only considered “ok”.

And while there was never a realistic chance of me becoming a prima ballerina, I still miss the beauty, strength, and flexibility that came with frequent ballet practice.  Which is why I was so thrilled to find that Kathryn Morgan, former soloist with the New York City Ballet, has recently begun posting a series of basic ballet barre and center floor work videos on YouTube.

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Home Improvement 101: Under-Cabinet Lighting

cabinetsThere’s nothing that bugs me more than not being able to see what I’m doing and/or read a recipe while trying to cook in my kitchen.  And yet, if you’re like most Americans who have cabinets above your countertops, you’re likely losing a lot of light in your main prep area.

Ever since I’ve moved in, I’ve wanted under cabinet lighting, and with no other real plans this weekend, I decided to make it happen.  If you’re thinking of installing your own under cabinet lighting, let me guide you through a few key pointers. (Click the Continue Reading button to see more!)

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Recipes for Freezing and Preserving Summer Tomato Harvest

tomatoesEver since I can remember, tomatoes have been one of my favorite foods.  I like them in sauces, I like them in sandwiches, and I’ve been known on multiple occasions to just pick one up and eat it like an apple.

So, when I heard that local organic purveyors Johnson’s Backyard Garden was having their annual bulk tomato sale, I jumped at the opportunity to pick up roughly half a bushel of the delicious little buggers, and cook many of my favorite recipes to freeze and use later throughout the year.

Why freezing, you may ask?  Let’s be honest – canning scares me.  I worry about getting it wrong and giving all my friends and family botulism.  But freezing is fast, easy, and most of all – failproof.

Some of my friends have asked “is it really cheaper/tastier/healthier to make all this yourself? After all, a can of Ragu is only a couple bucks.”  To me, the answer is an overwhelming YES. Not only is the flavor of using fresh tomatoes far superior to using canned, but I don’t have to worry about BPA or pesticides, and I get to support a family farmer.  Cost wise, it comes out about even, but you could substantially reduce that by growing your own tomatoes.  (We’re trying on that front, but so far our biggest “harvest” has only been 8 tomatoes in a season.)

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